Rojas School of Music Orchestra Interest

There's no shortage of reasons why playing a musical instrument in an ensemble benefits children. Orchestra teaches young ones to create something beautiful; it develops a new form of language and expression, and it allows youths to make lasting relationships within the group.
Founders Carrollton is excited to provide a new opportunity for our students in grades 2nd - 12th! Depending upon interest, we are ready to expand our extra-curricular offering by providing an Orchestra Program.
Please watch the concert video for reference: Rojas School of Music
Please select your student's interest by completing the  Rojas School of Music Google Form
Proposed cost: $135 per month tuition (9 total payments - August - April) + instrument rental fee (see below)2 concerts (December & May)
**Students participating in Orchestra are expected to make the full year commitment.**
Please contact Mrs. Brown at [email protected] or Mrs. Wylie at [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding the Orchestra Program.
Kind regards,
FCA Carrollton