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Cafeteria Information

Donna Ashley, A'viands Food Service Director

Phone: 469-771-7046

Beverely Delgado, A’viands Site Supervisor

Phone: 469-512-2715


  • All students at FCA Carrollton are eligible for free lunch.


  • All FCA Carrollton students are welcome to go through our hot-lunch line and purchase breakfast or lunch (an entree with milk) even if they do not yet have their student ID number. You do not need to register them to purchase either meal; a paper copy of their purchases will be kept until their student ID number becomes available at which time the charges will be applied.

School Cafeteria

A GREAT resource for parents, offered through our meal service, is Nutrislice. It is a website that has every menu item listed with the nutrition information on that item and the core ingredients listed that might cause allergies. If you are a parent with a student that has allergies, this website has a wealth of information.

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Click here to find out more information about our “Grab-and-go” Meal Kits available each Tuesday for pick-up from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.